Monday, February 18, 2013

What would a device to save you 30% on fuel costs be worth?

With diesel fuel running about $4 per gallon that would be a savings of over $1 per gallon. Are we talking theoretical here or is this a realistic possibility?  Believe it or not it's real. Some smart engineers that have experience in the refining industry have designed a unit that does exactly that. It saves roughly 28% in fuel costs on the average. There have been tons of claims in recent years about fantastic technologies that would "Save American Industry" and make us competitive in areas that we have lost to overseas low cost manufacturers. One thing that has not changed is the innovativeness of Americans. If you look at a number of the members of the Dolphin & Eagle ATTIC you will find a bunch of these companies that make some pretty fantastic claims. One has a vehicle that runs on almost any terrain. Another has a container lock that can be operated remotely. Another has a miniature UAV. American innovativeness is alive and well. We just need more courage and strength to push these developments over the threshold of profitability. Stay tuned for the technologies of the future. The company with the diesel device is HYDROPHI.

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