Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A new time and a new strategy

As a Science and Technology manager Level III for the Department of Defense, I've experienced the frustration that others have with the slowness of the process and the hesitancy of managers to attempt transition of new technologies. So with enough time to move to a higher level, I've chosen to go full time as a consultant and advanced technology developer to help my many contacts move their technology to the marketplace. This may seem to be a risky move to some from a well paying government job with a certain paycheck to the life of an entrepreneur with risks at every turn and success never guaranteed. But as we get older and hopefully wiser we see life differently. I'd like to look back and see what we've accomplished as a team, rather than what we've guarded as an achievement of times past. As a submarine captain I always found it much easier to maintain depth control in rough seas with headway on the ship. In the rough seas of this economy, let's get the ship moving in the right direction and use that steerage way to change the course to a more favorable heading.