Thursday, July 26, 2012

Biomaterials Science Chapter on product development

I was asked by a friend, Dr. Yitzhak Rosen, to contribute a chapter to his book on the topic of Innovative Product Development and Technology Adoption for Medical Applications. I'm proud to say we actually made it through the process and you can purchase the book on Amazon. The book title is Biomaterials Science: an integrated Clinical and Engineering Approach by Yitzhak  Rosen and Noel Elman. I guess success breeds success so as a result, I've been asked to expand that chapter into a book of its own. It will probably be available next spring. I'm working on the draft now. It's a test  of self-discipline.  It will have a number of references to the submarine environment and to innovation in general so maybe it will be interesting to both salty sea dogs and to innovators.

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